9 tube that provides a smooth, low-restriction path for airflow to the engine, resulting in less turbulence, less heat, and more horsepower. The system features a reusable, oversized High-Flow Air Filter™ that captures engine contaminants withinmultiple layers of cotton fibers, promising more air flow and greater service intervals. Additionally, the enclosed air box provides extra protection while off- roading. Installation can be completed in as little as 90 minutes, and the entire system is backed by K&N’s 10 Year/Million Mile LimitedWarranty. Injen Injen is not new to the intake/exhaust performance game and the company’s Power Flow intake system for the JL Wrangler is built upon years of experience. Designed to work with stock calibration, the Power Flow features a one-piece sealed housing that uses the company’s patent-pending Twist- Lock technology to securely attach either a SuperNano-Web Dry air filter or 8-layer Cotton Gauze oiled air filter in place. And with piping available in either a polished or wrinkle black finish, customers can be sure their Injen system looks as good as it sounds. MBRP For those Wrangler owners looking for an axle-back setup, the MBRP 2.5” Axle-Back Dual Rear Exhaust might be the perfect fit. Constructed of mandrel-bent tubing and available in stainless or aluminized steel, as well as a black-coated murdered out version, this system is top-notch quality at a value price. A bolt-on, no-weld design with a direct fit to the OEM hangers makes installation easy, and the specially-tuned exhaust notes reflect the added performance with a refined growl. PYPES PYPES Performance Exhaust focuses on replacing stock compression-bent exhaust systems with ones that are mandrel-bent. Why? Because with years of experience, the company knows that a mandrel- bent system can flow twice as efficiently, greatly increasing a vehicle’s power. And with expertise in American performance vehicles all the way back to the 1950s, the JL Wrangler’s exhaust is in good hands with a PYPES upgrade. A complete PYPES Wrangler JL HGC exhaust system includes Street ProMufflers, and features the highest ground clearance for a JL in the automotive aftermarket. CORSA The look, performance, and sound of a JL Wrangler all improve when it gets upgraded with a CORSA dB Performance Axle- Back Exhaust system. With a high ground clearance, stainless-steel construction and variety of exhaust notes, it is several levels up from the JL’s stock exhaust components. Available with a tip or dump-style exit and optional high-temp black powder coat, this easy bolt-on model with TORCA clamps will have owners smiling at the performance improvement and super-easy installation. Gibson Specializing in cat-back performance exhaust systems, Gibson’s 2019 Wrangler JL upgrades have hit the market in high demand. Specially designed with off-road demands in mind, the Cat-Back Dual Split exhaust system is mandrel-bent to ensure quality performance while the dual rear exhaust tips give a great balanced look and sit high enough to clear trail obstacles. Adding power and low-end torque, this system both looks and sounds exciting. Superchips Plenty of Wrangler owners want to add more horsepower and torque to their rig, but not all of them have the know-how to do it themselves. The Superchips TrailDash2 is a great way to get those improvements without turning a wrench (or paying someone else to). This hand-held device, with an intuitive graphic interface, analyzes and tunes the vehicle’s performance, adding smart horsepower from the get-go all the way to an open throttle. Building on 30 years of innovation, this tuner is the first- to-market offering pre-loaded programming for the JL Wrangler. A Smooth Ride,At the Right Height Just as important as getting themost out of its engine, today’s Wrangler drivers are making certain they’re getting the best ride that they can, from suspension components to lift height. And again, plenty of companies are along for the journey, making sure that even the bumpiest ride can deliver some comfort. Skyjacker Skyjacker has been one of the most trusted names in the lifted Wrangler community for some time now, so it makes perfect sense that its good name will carry over to the JL generation. The Wrangler JL 3.5 Inch Dual Rate-Long Travel Lift Kit System with either Black MAX or M95 Shocks is a great, moderate-sized suspension lift, at amoderate price point that appeals to most JL owners. The Dual Rate-Long Travel coil springs ensure the smoothest of rides, whether on rough trails or paved suburban streets. The first spring rate allows for a smooth highway ride, while the second rate (lower coils)— which only engage after compression past the first rate—ensures consistent control during off-road articulation. Teraflex Teraflex engineered the first suspension lift kit for the brand-new TJ Wrangler in the mid-90s, and has been at the forefront of the Jeep ® aftermarket suspension community ever since. The company’s cache of valuable Wrangler additions includes body armor, heavy-duty axles, and soup-to-nuts suspension kits. Its JL/JLU Leveling Kit, Lift Kit, and Suspension System Guide is set to debut very soon, and in the meantime the company’s Nomad Off-Road Wheel and Proprietary Air Deflator Kit has the JL off- road community worked into a lather. These new wheels come equipped with an optional deflation knob to instantly air down the tires to a desirable lower pressure when hitting the trail. Rubicon Express Making its home just minutes from the Rubicon Trail, Rubicon Express has steadily built its name by making quality, affordable suspension and drivetrain parts for the Wrangler community since 1996. Its 2-inch Economy Lift Kit is the company’s debut product for JL suspensions, building upon the model’s improved ride quality and off- road prowess. A steel coil spacer setup, complete with sway bar drops and bump stop extensions, is easy to install and helps drivers clear the way for off-road tires up to 35 inches (37 inches on Rubicon models). Drivers get the aggressive lifted look that so many crave, while still enjoying the JL’s improved ride quality and impeccable off- road resume. Rancho Rancho’s new Crawler Short Arm Systems are tailor made for the JL Wrangler whether on pavement or nowhere near a roadway. These kits include progressive rate coil springs and fully adjustable control arms with D2 bushings to improve ride comfort, and a lifetime warranty to improve peace of mind. The bushings feature PTFE, allowing for grease-free operation (the sleeve actually rotates inside the bushing, eliminating the ordinary wear and tear). To get the full effect, pair this system with some Rancho JL-specific shocks with Dynamic Rebound Spring (DRS) Technology, and away you go. Trail-Ready Protection While stock Wranglers are competent enough to conquer off-road, a thoughtfully designed aftermarket part ensures drivers can go further than the beaten path. (continued on page 10)