8 W hat is the only SUV hotter than a 2019 Jeep ® Wrangler JL? That would be a 2019 Jeep ® Wrangler JL rolling fresh off the lot and into a home garage or custom shop, getting decked to the nines with whatever aftermarket equipment its owner can possibly dream up. Just named MotorTrend’s SUV of Year (and with good reason), Jeep ® ’s latest Wrangler offering is as capable as it is beloved. Sales of this timeless American icon are at an all- time high—in fact, they’re higher than any Wrangler to come before it. Entering the fourth quarter of 2018, Jeep ® reported that the model’s sales had already surpassed the previous year’s record total. Furthermore, FCA’s year-end summary, whichwas released in January, showed that overall Jeep ® brand sales rose a walloping 17% throughout 2018. Setting a full-year record certainly helped its parent automaker report the highest calendar year of retail sales in nearly two decades. Dealerships are carrying double, or even triple, the number of Wranglers they have in prior seasons, prompting some news outlets to worry over the amount of unsold JLs remaining on lots. Regardless, FCA continues to ramp up production, keeping the faith in one, universal, unassailable truth: the field of Wrangler customization is a whole culture unto itself—simply build it and theywill come. No matter how great the JL may be straight from the factory, the ways that it can be improved upon are positively undeniable. Here are a few dedicated aftermarket companies and their useful products that can help make 2019 the year that the Jeep ® Wrangler JL broke every sales figure associated with its brand. More Performance,More Power Whether it’s a sturdy V-6 under the hood, a new turbocharged four-cylinder, or maybe— just maybe—one of those long-awaited diesels, there are plenty of companies with new innovation to get the most out of the JL’s stock arrangement. aFe POWER aFe POWER has a long history of creating performance parts for Wranglers past, and the company’s new line of JL hardware will undoubtedly keep its relationship with Jeep ® one that benefits drivers for years to come. aFe prides itself on its power packages, a collection of multiple aFe designs sold together which guarantee an increase in airflow, torque, and horsepower. The aFe POWER Magnum FORCE Power package, for example, includes a Magnum FORCE Stage-2 Cold Air Intake System (with a powder-coated aluminum intake tube to improve volumetric efficiency), a Pro-Guard 7 Air Filter, a Pro DRY S Air Filter, a Silver Bullet Throttle Body Spacer, a Magnum SHIELD Pre-Filter, and an Air-Filter Restore Kit. This entire setup makes good use of the Wrangler’s stock mounting locations, with no cutting or drilling necessary. It sits in a powder-coated, one-piece 18-gauge steel housing unit. Both large (7.5” tall) air filters are washable and reusable, and the body spacer is a serrated/helix combination design of aluminum to maximize airflow to the combustion chamber. The aFe Magnum FORCE Stage-2 XP Cold Air Intake System ALONE will add 21 horsepower to the engine’s output, as well as an impressive 19 lb-ft of torque. There are plenty of exhaust improvements for the JL available from these old pros as well. One such offering is the MACH Force- XP Hi-Tuck Cat-Back Exhaust, which bolts on easily and allows for plenty of ground clearance when the off-roading gets real. The finish, either polished or matte black, is sure to look perfect as it rolls away, and the unrestricted airflow it offers will add another 9 horsepower and 8 lb-ft of torque to a rig. MagnaFlow Always made in the USA, the good folks at MagnaFlow pride themselves on being early (VERY early) to market with their Rock Crawler Cat-Back exhaust system for the Wrangler JL. Made of quality stainless steel and featuring a high clearance design, this system offers dramatic improvements in horsepower and torque, ideal for demanding off-road rides. The install is simple enough for newbies and the exhaust sounds are loud and aggressive—just the way backwoods Jeepers like it. K&N K&N does one thing and does it well— improving vehicles’ air intake capabilities. Having invented the reusable highflowcotton air filter for automobiles and motorcycles back in 1969, the company has had plenty of time to hone its craft. For JL owners looking to get the most performance from their engines, the K&N 63-1576 Air Intake System features an aerodynamic polyethylene intake The Dawn of a New ERA... with the Jeep ® Wrangler JL Leading the Way