10 (continued from page 9) WARN Anybody who knows absolutely anything about the trail scene knows that WARN is a name that matters. No matter which model is selected, it’s simply hard to gowrong. The real challenge may come when it’s time to strap that baby onto your JL. Well, WARN to the rescue, as usual. This winch-mount bumper for the JLWrangler works seamlesslywith the OEM setup so that a litany of winches can be hookedup effectively and easily. Furthermore, the carrier is designed towithstand 12,000 lbs. so unless someone is recovering a medium- sized airliner, this winch-mount bumper is guaranteed to get the job done. Road Armor Road Armor prides itself on being the first manufacturer to create a multifaceted steel bumper design, way back at the turn of the century. And today, their product line is still an industry standard. The RoadArmor Stealth Full ReplacementWinch Bumper is designed to complement the JL’s timeless lines, and its success in this endeavor is self-evident. TrailFX Constructed of textured black steel for both strength and aesthetics, the new JL front bumper features a one-piece, full-width design for maximum protection. Complete with bull bar and winch mount, the bumper also incorporates access points for D-rings. If you’re wondering why it only accepts a 10- inch single row light bar, that was a conscious decision on TrailFX’s part. A smaller light bar cutout allowed engineers to brace the bumper appropriately to accept a higher winch load— 12,000 pounds to be exact, which surpasses the industry standard of around 9,500 lbs. Besides, with two 3-inch square light cutouts and light hole cover plates, there are plenty of auxiliary light-mounting opportunities to illuminate the trail. TrailFX also offers a matching rear bumper with a hitch, D-ring andLED lightmounts, and some seriouswrap- around protection for that hot new JL. Westin With one of the most expansive aftermarket catalogs found anywhere, the ways that Westin can help owners update their stock Wranglers remain virtually endless. Their WJ2 Stubby Front Bumper, however, really stands out with its black powder-coat finish and array of light-mounting solutions. That toughness is not just a look—.187-inch thick steel construction is going to be difficult to put some dents in. Addictive Desert Design The good people at Addictive Desert Designs (ADD) are of the mindset that one can never have too much protection. The insides of those fender wells are like aWrangler’s fleshy underbelly, where an errant rock, or stick, or heaven-knows-what, can be positively debilitating. The ADD Rock Fighter Fender Liners are constructed with a touch yet attractive raw aluminum, and seamlessly fit with OEM fenders. Open Air Experience Owning a Wrangler is as much about its capability as it is about that indescribable feeling of exhilaration from behind the wheel. Show your customers a world of versatility, with an open-air experience from Bestop and light-mounting solutions from companies like CARR and Rigid Industries— help them personalize that JL as much as the experience itself. Bestop The Bestop Sunrider for JL hardtops is the industry’s very first year-round replacement for those bulky freedom panels. No longer will Wrangler owners have to struggle with unscrewing, unlocking, dropping, and dragging their roof panels along wherever they go. Instead, all that precious time wasted on removing “Freedom” panels can now be spent enjoying more sunshine. Isn’t that the primary reason one would purchase a vehicle with a removable top anyway? But why should hard toppers get all the great advancements? The all-new Bestop Trektop NX was the first premium full soft top from any aftermarket manufacturer. Available in black twill and black diamond fabrics, it’s a breeze to install, easy to open, and just as easy to remove. No clumsy zippers and no drilling required. Available in a sleek fastback design, everything down to the latches have been improved for the newWrangler JL. Light-Mounting Solutions RIGID Industries RIGID Industries is among the most trusted names in aftermarket lighting. Fromcrawling to daily road travel or “warp-speed” driving as they say, RIGIDmanufactures a solution to suit most every driver’s needs. That’s nothing new. What is new, however, is the ability to mount their industry-leading products onto the new JL with ease. There’s now a whole slew of brackets and mounts that can get that done effectively. Whether it be a cowl mount, an A-pillar mount, a bumper mount, a hood mount, a short or tall standoff kit, or any combination thereof, RIGID has the right mount to personalize that JL with ease. CARR CARR may not be synonymous with “Jeep” but is best known for TJ and JK LED light bar mounts that rotate 90(o) downward when not in use. Their first JL product furthers their reputation for innovation in design. This mount hardware allows auxiliary lighting to rotate seamlessly, mounting to the A-pillar and accommodating products up to three inches in diameter. Using a signature pull- pin design, users simply tug the pin down and rotate the light into seven different positions. Perfect for off-roaders, overlanders, or adventurers of any kind, the JL 180° Light Mount provides wide lighting coverage for everything from nighttime wheeling to campsite s’more-making. We have only scratched the surface regarding an exhaustive list of products available for the JL. It’s the dawn of a new era, with FCA’s Wrangler redesign leading the way. When it comes to stocking your shelves with the brands and products your customers want most, Keystone has it.