24 R un by the most enthusiastic of racing enthusiasts, Aeromotive utilizes the track as both its playground and proving grounds. The company conceives, tests, fine-tunes, and troubleshoots its products precisely where they intend to be used by precisely the kind of enthusiasts they intend to be marketed to. Is it any wonder that Aeromotive has become a world leader in performance fuel systems and components? The son of Eastern European immigrant parents, founder and president Steve Matusek grew up with a healthy understanding that their sacrifice and struggle was meant to ensure he had a smoother path to a brighter future. Not taking this for granted, Matusek kept his nose to the grind and graduated college with a degree in aerospace engineering, securing a great job and a safe future. ThoughMatusek’s parents also instilled in hima deep passion for racing, it was this great desire to be on the track that pulled Matusek to study business, launch Aeromotive, and develop his own version of the American dream. It’s no secret that real world involvement makes for a quality product, but a world- class product? That takes more, a lot more. They say every decision we make in life becomes a learning experience. No regrets, just lessons. In Matusek’s case, those lessons proved to be not only profitable, but also truly innovative. Applying the rigorous processes and procedures he learned in aeronautics to the engineering demands of performance automotives, Matusek determined exactly what would define Aeromotive products. A commitment to quality materials and premier manufacturing is enough to set any performance-minded auto company on the path to success. Throw in three generations of track experience fueled by a deep-seated desire for heart-pounding speed, as well as an aggressive marketing team, energetic employees, and an obligation to providing passionate customers with the absolute best is the recipe for a business that stands above the competition. Matusek’s father introduced him to the race track and he, in turn, initiated his daughter. All have seen success, developing a unique troubleshooting process for Aeromotive, whereby company R&D is performed somewhere around 250 mph. Aeromotive employees actually live the life they serve, actively participating in build projects, resto- mods, and race events—not just selling parts. Aeromotive currently offers more fuel system options for more applications than virtually anyone else in the market, proving that they aren’t here to compete—they’re here to innovate. The lineup is broad, including items like fuel pumps, regulators, filters, complete fuel systems, and plenty of accessories. Serving a diverse range of markets, fromdrag racing to off-road to performance watercraft, Aeromotive is constantly learning, testing, and improving to keep speed junkies of all shapes and sizes happy and safe. The company’s Phantom Stealth Fuel System has been highlighted by many for its clever and unobtrusive problem-solving. Traditionally, upgrading to EFI or swapping in a late-model motor meant battling inconvenient solutions for fuel delivery. The Phantom Stealth elimi nates that by giving enthusiasts the ability to install a high- performance fuel pump inside nearly any fuel tank—including factory. Just recently, Aeromotive announced the release of its new Billet Fuel Pump Hanger With 340 Stealth Fuel Pump for ’86–’98 Ford Mustangs. Providing a high flow, high- horsepower fuel pump installation, Billet Mustang 340 Fuel Pump Hanger “eliminates both fuel starvation and return aeration common to the factory Mustang hanger,” says the company. The clever approach that Aeromotive takes toward problem-solving showcases its versatility and knowledge of the performance world it serves. The products’ clean, OE- grade fit and finish is just icing on the cake. Commitment to Succeed The company employs in-house engineering for optimum quality—machining, assembling, and testing all parts and components right here in the USA. Additionally, Aeromotive only works in small batches, ensuring a better grade of quality and top performance. This level of dedication proves Aeromotive cares about its good name. Dedication to high-quality aftermarket solutions is precisely what earned Aeromotive the 2018 SEMA Manufacturer of the Year award. Out of 2,900 candidates and two other worthy finalists (Edlebrock and Hunter Engineering), Aeromotive took home the award, joining a winner’s circle comprised of renowned companies like Magnaflow and WeatherTech. A Proven Solution As industry professionals, you get it. These parts aren’t merely products—they’re solutions. Aeromotive proudly states that since its inception in 1994, each and every product it sends to market fills a need “left off the table” by competitors. That means as a shop owner and fellow enthusiast, you’re getting a worthwhile return on your investment. With anextensive lineup at a competitiveprice point, out-of-the-box thinking in amainstream arena, and real-world engagement with the market it serves, Aeromotive is truly able to bring forth real solutions through quality product offerings. Aeromotive, The “People’s Choice” and Now SEMA’s 2018 Manufacturer of the Year