23 is when you initially price your product, set up your pricing structure with the end in mind. With every selling season, a certain percentage of products won’t be successful— some items just aren’t going to make it. Target is a shining example. I’ve never worked for that organization, but some of our merchandising staff have, and they talk about a very structured approach to handling product life cycles. If products are deemed slow moving or non-moving, they’re placed on clearance immediately. That clearance is not 10%, rather an aggressive discount to cut ties and bring in new product. As a side note, we recommend not putting a clearance bin in the front of the store because it’s just an eye sore. Going back to that tip about the view from the front, if someone’s walking by, does the store look inviting? Does it entice people to come in? A clearance end cap or a clearance bin at the front of the store definitely hurts appearances, so we suggest a high traffic area on a side or a back aisle (perhaps with outdoor signage that clearance items are available, but entice them to come in and walk through the store). We also recommend putting all of the clearance products together versus dispersed throughout the store. And lastly, you need signage so that clearance items can be easily seen by your customers. The process is very effective when done properly. Q : What would you say to those shop owners who think they canmerchandise once or twice per year and call it a day? A : No, it’s a habit that starts with the details every single day. From a general retail ops point-of-view, I recommend that the store manager does a walk-through first thing in the morning, mid-day, and at close to assess conditions within the store because, frankly, things change daily. Parts managers can notice bare shelves, an aisle in disarray, or even a theft problem just by doing a walk-through, but that’s not possible unless someone is assigned to step from behind the counter and analyze these things regularly throughout the day. The S.M.A.R.T. (StrategicMerchandising and Retail Technology) Program has been the RV aftermarket industry’s only comprehensive program for years, providing store design, implementation, and inventory management services. To date, NTP-STAG is the only distributor in the industry with a dedicated team of specialists! And now, we’re pleased tomake this program available to automotive shop owners and hitch installers. Call your Keystone sales associate today and see how we can help your store be better organized, attractive, well-stocked, and profitable. Part No. Application 11165010 64-69 Chevrolet Chevelle and more 11169525 67-81 Chevrolet Camaro and more 11235110 64-67 Pontiac GTO and more 11245010 68-72 Dodge Dart and more Part No. Application 195060OKHD 04-07 Ford F-250/350/450/550 Super Duty K0090HDO 94-03 RAM 2500/3500 19445OKHD 94-97 Ford F-250/350 1947OKHD 00-05 RAM 2500/3500 195060OKHD 04-07 Ford F-250/350/450/550 Super Duty D32505KORG 94-04 RAM 2500/3500 Much More Available StreetGrip Performance Suspension Kit (RDT) • Vehicle-specific dual-rate front and rear coilsprings offer the best of both worlds; ride quality and crisp handling • Delrin control arm bushings eliminate unwanted movement and stiction in front suspension • Tall ball joints improve OEM camber curve to give your car a much more stable feel through the corners • Lower ball joints • Larger swaybars minimize unwanted body roll through the corners • Delrin swaybar bushings eliminate unwanted movement and stiction in the swaybar to improve ride quality and handling performance • Vehicle-specific HQ series rebound adjustable shocks offer the ultimate in ride quality and handling performance • Easy-to-install Clutch Sets Why is the South Bend Clutch better? • The highest quality parts including chrome molly springs and the highest grade of friction material regardless of cost • We disassemble and modify our pressure plates to increase plate load while not increasing thrust bearing load • We ensure the proper amount of marcel in every disc to create the correct release and smoother engagement in every application (SBC)