15 tire carrier. We threw on Smittybilt flat fenders and a rock slider frame with TrailFX tube doors and a 9,500 lb. WARN winch,” added Smith. Yet perhaps the most exciting build from Auto Definitions was its 2016 RAM 2500. Purchased brand new from a dealership by a friend of Smith’s, the only preexisting modification was a 6” lift. Needless to say, Smith and his team of wunderkinds put their personal stamp of approval on the build. Every inch of the truck was custom painted and powder-coated, further accentuated by the new kicks the truck rocked at the BIG Show. “These Mickey Thompson wheels [20×12 with a -44 offset] are very impressive. I’ve always been a die-hard Mickey Thompson fan and run them on my Jeeps ® and rock crawlers.” The wheels are wrapped in MAXXIS RAZR tires. An ADD Honey Badger bumper was initially installed, but then replaced with a Stealth model. They added a Fabtech dual- steering stabilizer, a brand that Smith can’t say enough about. “I love Fabtech products,” he confided. “They have a really good price point and they stand behind their products. For the everyday guy, Fabtech is a great option and it’s not going to break the bank.” Yet one of the finest features of this build is its ability to get the job done. “This thing will leave here and hook up to a 30-foot dovetail gooseneck with those two Jeeps ® behind it,” Smith gushed. Nowadays, Auto Definitions uses it for everyday tasks such as towing in customer rides that have broken down. It’s a true shop build, a genuine workhorse, and a real show piece that was deserving of being front and center at the Keystone BIG Show. Rolling Forward While they know that millennials don’t always have the best reputation when it comes to work ethic, the crew at Auto Definitions shatters any preconceived notions about how their generation rolls up its sleeves and digs in. The vibe they’ve cultivated around their workplace is so infectiously fun, that even television has come calling. While nothing is official yet, hints have been dropped their way that the gang at Auto Definitions would make one heck of a reality show. But rest assured that while they wait and see, Smith and his team will have a dozen other things going on at all times, and that’s exactly how they like it. If idle hands are indeed the devil’s workshop, then the men of Auto Definitions are the demon’s toughest competitor. Call Today for the Latest in Racing Products! (H21) UNIVERSAL MUD FLAP PROTECTION FOR ALL MAN KIND. MudDog™ Mud Flaps are a breed apart. Not only do they look better than the other mutts, they’re made from an impact resistant, tough and flexible material. The universal design fits almost any truck and they’re eaaaaaasy to install. You’ll be on the road to off-roading in no time. Part No. Application 55000 MudDog Front Mud Flaps - 12” 55100 MudDog Rear Mud Flaps - 12” 55001 MudDog Front Mud Flaps - 12” with Stainless Steel Weight 55101 MudDog Rear Mud Flaps - 12” with Stainless Steel Weight MUD DOG™ MUD FLAPS (DSP)