The Editorial Roundtable 5 high tech 2019 vehicle models, truck bed trends, and a good, hard look at the automotive technician shortage across the industry give readers the kind of valuable information that puts things into perspective. How do OEM advancements affect your business? What are aftermarket manufacturers like Truck Hero , TrailFX , and Roll-N-Lock doing to ensure bed protection is on every pickup across North America? And how can we in the aftermarket turn challenges into opportunities? The journey to those questions starts right here with Retail Partner Magazine. Follow us online: @keystoneautomotiveoperations S top—just for a minute—and inhale this year’s experiences. Reflect upon the few strategic goals that shaped the past 365 days, a dozen or so disappointments that created moments of true learning, the handful of game changers that put you a step ahead of the competition and, most importantly, everything to be grateful for during 2018. Passion, perseverance, and gratitude are a Though the year-end signifies moments of joyous celebration, it’s also a time of great preparation. The editorial team lined up a few features to help shop owners like yourselves merchandise for the holidays and pre-stock the shelves with must- have products, while topics such as few of the many words that came to mind when interviewing Car-risma in Lowell, Massachusetts and The Performance Cellar in Ontario, Canada. Want to know what it takes to make it, to win? Your roadmap begins on pages 13 and 16. Download the NEW eKeystone Mobile App today!