23 Under Rail Part No. Application Bed Type Bed Size 23019X 17-18 Ford F-250/350 Super Duty Std 6' 9" 21114X 15-18 Chevy/GMC Colorado/Canyon S 6' 22016ZZX 09-18 RAM 1500 10-18 RAM 2500/3500 S 6' 4" (T83) Protect your investment with a TrailFX bed liner.Thick ribbed construction provides superior protection and allows airflow between the bed liner and truck bed for moisture evaporation.Each bed liner is manufactured from model- specific molds that allow for the perfect fit and more cargo space than any other bed liner. • Tailgate liners come equipped with cup holders • Patented no-drill installation available for most bed liner applications • Contains board holder slots for two-tier and compartmental loading • Over-rail models provide protection of the truck bed rails • Under-rail models allow for truck caps,tonneau covers, or aftermarket rail protectors Bed Liners Tailgate liners come equipped with cup holders, perfect for tailgating! Our exclusive slip-resistant surface will keep your cargo in place… no need to buy a separate mat Your vehicle will look sharp with a molded TrailFX logo on the headwall. (U19) THE NEW ARMORFLEX HARD FOLDING COVER is designed to protect your truck bed and its contents, while maintaining its strength,style and durability.Heavy-duty aluminum panels are coated with a LINE-X coating designed to provide advanced protection from dents and scuffs,even in the most extreme environments. • Dual action tailgate seal • Stylish matte black appearance • Low-profile design • Automatic latching panels ArmorFlex Logo - UnderCover Dec 2017 AX Series