18 Perno as much as the spirit of the sport does. “I’m in a happy spot because money isn’t everything. Somany of those financial wishes have backdoors to trouble. At this point inmy life, I’m not lazy, but I don’t need to double my sales for the sake of saying I doubled my sales. Ever since I let go of this premise that you need to make X to be Y, it’s been easier.” The new and improved business plan with specialization in drag racing led to his first car in 2000 and a distribution partnership with Keystone Automotive. “We made a lot of mistakes with that first car and there’s no point lying about it because those mistakes are clear as day to racers, so you might as well own it,” he affirmed. Though Perno was happy for the speed shop to serve as the driving force for a racing career, he expressed to his wife that he felt like he was doing something wrong. “I’m being too hard on the car. If I really like drag racing, you’d think I’d win a couple rounds. I’m tired of strapping up after the first round,” he recalled. And in order to do so, Perno knew that he needed to change his approach. After all, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results. “Over the next few months,” he thought, “you’re going to take care of yourself, relax, and apply less pressure.” Within a month, Perno won a local race. Then a divisional one, followed by an IHRA race in 2008. “We started to gain a reputation to go rounds wherever we showed up. Not the killer competitors, but still a hitter. Let’s put it this way, you weren’t excited to draw me first round,” said Perno. Before that title of consistent contender could dry like cement, “In September of 2008, I put the car into a wall and was right back to the soul searching again. As I was thinking through the approach, my wife stopped me and said, ‘If you’re going to do this, then you need to do it properly. I don’t care what you (H19) • Throttle body mounted ECU – no extra boxes to mount • Supports up to 500hp with four 100 Lb/Hr injectors • Only 4 wiring connections required! (Battery +,Battery - , Switched Ignition & RPM) • Integrated ignition timing control • Transmission provisions on throttle lever for TH350/ TH400 and 200R4/700R4 • Brake Booster adapter included, if required • Universal Throttle and transmission kickdown bracket included • High resolution full color touchscreen for initial setup,tuning,and gauge displays • Fits most stock Quadrajet air cleaners • Simple calibration wizard (Answer a few questions about your engine and it creates the base map,then starts tuning on its own!) - NO laptop required! • Self-tuning ECU means you don’t have to be a computer/tuning wiz to have EFI! • The included Genuine Bosch LSU 4.9 wideband oxygen sensor provides realtime Fuel Map Learn! • OEM Style TPS/IAC and fuel pressure regulator,for years of dependable service • Included clamp-on oxygen sensor kit ensures a leak free oxygen sensor installation, with Stainless steel T-Bolt clamps and a stainless steel (weldable) oxygen sensor flange • Requires external fuel pressure regulator,such as:12-886 or 12-879” Sniper EFI Quadrajet Part No. Description 550869 NEW! Gold,4150 for 700R4/ 200R4/ TH350 Trans 550510 4150 Polished 550510K 4150,Polished,Kit 550511 4150 Black 550511K 4150 Black,Kit 550516 4150 Gold 550516K 4150 Gold Kit 550513 4150 for 700R4/ 200R4/ TH350 Trans,1250 HP (continued from page 17) Shop Profile • Performance Cellar