17 website—I just need to be Venice,” he said. He admits that it took a while for people to get it, to really understand that what appeared to be a traditional brick andmortar speed shop from the outside was really equal parts inventory, consulting, and life at the track. “In my business locale, I’m one of the go-to guys for info going down the race track. You can’t put that on a price sheet and what it does do, it allows me to remove price from the equation in a lot of transactions, whether it be consulting (in the shop), the purchasing of parts, or going to the drag strip to hang out and provide a professional opinion. It’s stuff I bring to the table that a lot of my competition doesn’t,” affirmed Perno. “I won’t be known as the cheapest guy. I don’t want to be the price point. I want to be the knowledge point,” he continued. As such, it’s a certain pedigree of enthusiast that does business at The Performance Cellar. “I’m an anomaly in this industry. Their race car hobby is my business. If I think someone is going down the wrong road, I’ll tell them. And if I don’t think it’s right for you, I don’t want anything to do with it. I’ve lost customers because of it, but I also earned a big reputation for being ethical,” explained Perno. This mindset means that no customer is just a customer. Perno, like a crew chief, is a true problem solver. He’s invested in racers and their vehicles of choice, and it gives him an upper hand in customer transactions. “These guys don’t run me out of their pit space. As an enthusiast, I look their car up and down and if I don’t know how it works, I ask the customer for shared knowledge so that I can take what I learned from a guy who turns corners and share it with a guy who goes in a straight line because sometimes if you can get just one thread that allows you to go faster, quicker, and more efficient…it’s worth it,” explained Perno. It took years to build such trust. “And you can’t just flip that switch one day and violate it, otherwise they’ll leave you as fast as they showed up,” he said. Today, the pluses and minuses of the shop books don’t motivate Call Your Sales Representative Today to Take Advantage of This Amazing Deal! Buy any NEW Edelbrock Total Power Package Top End Kit and Edelbrock will send you your choice of a FREE Performer,Thunder AVS or AVS2 Series Carburetor, up to $350.00 Offer Valid October 1 - December 31, 2018 (continued on page 18) Shop Profile • Performance Cellar